Brand Exposure     

Partnership with the Odlum Brown VanOpen: Exceptional Brand Exposure

Partnership with the Odlum Brown VanOpen provides exceptional exposure for your brand both on-site and through broad media coverage. Over 13,500 spectators attend the event each summer and the tournament's media coverage reaches over 1 million people worldwide. Sponsor benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

Event Marketing

  • Prime television brand exposure

  • Prime print media brand exposure

  • Prime brand exposure via radio

  • Tournament print materials

  • On-site signage

  • Retail space

  • Tournament Web site branding

  • On-site promotions (ie. title of a specific day, sampling, tennis clinics, contests, giveaways, spectators activities)

  • In-store promotions

  • Exclusive world-class hospitality

  • Media and public relations opportunities

  • Integration with social media

Domestic Media

  • 9 days of straight coverage

  • Total Print Media Coverage 10,578,228

  • Total Broadcast Media Coverage 10,055,500

  • Advertising Campaign valued at over $200,000

  • 275,000 Web site page impressions from May to August, 2013

US and International Media

  • Media reach extends to over 140 countries worldwide

  • The top 10 countries featuring coverage of the event include Canada, US, UK, Japan, Israel, Taiwan, Australia, Czech Republic, Germany and France.

Dudi Sela Men's Singles Champion.
Johanna Konta Women's Singles Champion.
Frederik Neilson and Treat Huey Doubles Champions.
Johanna Konta and Maria Sanchez Doubles Champions.
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